Tölt.Club offers on-line coaching support  for those who struggle to find a regular coach due to distance or specific coaching needs.  We offer specially selected coaches from around the world experienced in training gaited horses in a range of disciplines offering a variety of teaching methods.

Classical Dressage: Diana Waters, Australia
Gaited Dressage: Eva Nohe, Germany
Gait Training: Mic Rushen, UK – Sandy Carson, Iceland/UK
Horse Agility: Mary Concannon, UK – Judith Edel, UK
TREC GB: Rebekah Spowage UK
Young Horse Training: Mary Concannon & Judith Edel

We are proud to support young coaches who are beginning their coaching career by providing them with opportunities to offer e-coaching alongside well known and respected coaches with an established e-coaching reputation.

Read through the information each coach has provided on their pages and choose  who you think will suit you best. Book an assessment or a lesson and your chosen coach will review your video and provide feedback and a written summary emailed to you within an agreed timescale.  See individual coaches for availability, fees, feedback methods and timescales and to book.