Amazing April: Introducing – Lesley Dellar – Happy Birthday Buster!

I tend to write my introductions to these introductions off the cuff, generally before I have read what the person has written about themselves as it allows me to share my impressions of the individual uncoloured by the information they share.

Lesley has been the most helpful and amazingly cheerful presence on Facebook over the last year or so as things have been changing and Set the Pace and Tölt.Club have been ideas and then become reality. We haven’t met – yet!

I really appreciate her positivity, her stories, her support and all the effort she is making to revitalise the New Over & District Riding Club.

It’s Buster – her No.1 boy’s birthday today. (no, I know he is not an Icelandic, but few of us in the UK started our journey with Icelandics.) There is a lovely post on her Facebook page about him, pop on over if you are friends and wish him a Happy Birthday.

Over to Lesley:

Blog for Mo

How did I become involved with Icelandic horses? 

Well, in August 2015, I owned 2 horses (cobs), neither of which could be ridden!  Buster was 16 and retired due to arthritis and Jack was just a year old, so obviously couldn’t be ridden.

My friend, Michelle, said that she knew someone who had a number of Icelandic horses in the village but needed help riding them, due to time restraints.  She knew that I had a love for Iceland, having visited a few times, so suggested that it would be a good idea for me to contact her to see if I could help out, even though I had never ridden an Icelandic horse before! I did think of myself as a somewhat nervous rider at the time, so wasn’t sure if I would be much use, but a meeting was arranged.

So, I met up with my, now, good friend, Nev Baker!  She has a number of her own Icelandics but was looking for someone to ride Glæðir Fra Flugamiri or G, as he was fondly known, who was owned by another now good friend, Alison Webb.  G was staying with Nev while Ali was away working.

I immediately fell in love with riding him.  I experienced my first tölt and, because of him and Nev, I gained so much confidence.  Before I knew it, I was tölting round the village!  Such joy!!

A few months later, I decided that I needed my own Icelandic so started looking.  In the end, I did the most crazy, possibly stupid thing ever (egged on by Nev!)!  I saw a video on Facebook of an Icelandic for sale in Iceland.  I contacted the owner and arranged to go over for a couple of days to try him out.

Lesley & Sid

I fell in love and a week later, in February 2016, he was here in the UK. Siöur Fra Kopavogi, also known as Sid, was now in my life.  It could have been oh so wrong & disastrous!  A bit of a risk as you can’t send them back if they don’t work out, can you?!! 

However, we have had so much fun together and I do things that I never imagined that I would do.  My confidence has grown, even though he’s not the easiest horse, I trust him implicitly and we have grown together.  I have been introduced to a lovely circle of friends and enjoy spending time with them at rides, events, socially etc.

I am also still in touch with the family that I bought Sid from.  In fact, they invited me to stay with them for a week last summer.  They took me out riding through the mountains, through glacier rivers, stayed overnight in a cabin and so much more!  I consider myself to be very lucky to have experienced this.

So, this is how it all started!  Not that long ago, but they are now a very important part of my life and I wish I had found them earlier in my life!

An amazing adventure and you can read all about her fantastic holiday in Iceland in the August Set the Pace E-Magazine (all the e-magazines are available in the Tölt.Club library and via this link) Lesley was also the cover girl for the December issue wearing some very fetching antlers!

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