Amazing April: Introducing – Lucy & Lady

As I mentioned in the preamble to Amazing April,   I am spending this month “introducing” the people who have come to  Tölt.Club in the first three months of our adventure.  All of these people are significant in the development of the warm and supportive community that  Tölt.Club is becoming.

There are people I know in person, people I have never met but know quite well virtually (like Shona), some I have noticed as posts on Facebook go by and some have been drawn to my attention by friends who think they are special but quietly go about their own challenges and attach little value to their achievements although their friends and subsequently I do notice and value them (and talk about them).  Lucy is one these last ones.  Introduced to me by her very proud aunt after Lucy won her agility challenge at Adlington near Poynton, Cheshire – first time out!

I messaged Lucy and asked if she would tell a little of her Icelandic adventure so far.  I love the sense of humour and look forward to seeing and hearing a lot more about her adventures with Icelandic horses.

Lucy wrote:

Dear Mo
Here is a little bit about me and Lady I hope it is what you are after.

Lady (aka Isold) is my Icelandic horse, she used to belong to my mum but as mum is so indecisive about everything (nightmare to go shopping with….) Lady became the boss in the relationship and made all the decisions for her, so if Lady didn’t want to go out for a ride well she just wouldn’t go. Mum got frustrated and Lady decided mum wasn’t the right owner for her. 

I really liked Lady and because mum wasn’t really bothering with her I decided I would ride her in our arena, she was as good as gold and I felt really safe. From then on our relationship got better and better. I spent a lot of time teaching her to do little things with hoops and balls, long reining and going around obstacles, of course she enjoyed her stud muffins and minty treats as rewards. I saw some horse agility things on the Internet and persuaded mum & dad to take us to a training session, Lady was a little star, did well and was well admired I was so proud of her.

We also have something in common, Lady can get bad sweet itch and I have a very rare autoimmune skin condition which basically causes my skin to attack itself, leaving me with very painful open blisters and sores, I have to take a lot of tablets and use creams and dressings and can’t always do things I would like to do but I can totally empathise with Lady and always make sure her sprays and creams are put on so she doesn’t get  sore as I know what sore skin feels like. (I don’t wear a rug though… )

Last weekend we went to a horse agility competition, Lady was so good, she had a roll and then a big wee on the practice tarpaulin, the sound of it made some of the other horses jump, everyone thought it was funny and I suspect Lady found it funny too. 

We had a number of obstacles to do including a gate, going through a curtain, reversing through a small gap and going through a ball pool amongst others. I was thrilled when they announced we had won with a score of 90/100.

I can’t always ride as much as I would like, it is sometimes difficult for me to wear a riding hat or jodhpurs however I think we have just as much fun on the ground. I love my little horse she is always up to trying something new and we have a lot of fun together

Love Lucy and Lady xx

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