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I called this month’s talking topics Amazing April for a reason. I know superlatives can be overused but in my world this is another “amazing” story I stumbled across during my explorations of the Tölt.Club membership. I had no clue quite how amazing so I will hand over to the Taylors to speak for themselves of their Icelandic journey.

When I first contacted Jackie through Facebook, she wondered why I was interested in their Icelandic adventure. She said: “We are not professionals but are having much fun with our boys we do this for the love of the horses and the happiness it brings us.” Nuff Said.

Hello, Larry and Jackie Taylor here. We live in Washington State, USA, by Mt Rainier. We have 4 Icelandic geldings.

We met 39 yrs ago on a blind date. Two weeks after meeting we decided to get married. We still are besties after all these years. We have almost always had horses as we were raising our family (4-H, pony club etc,). We have 3 adult children. We have 5 grandchildren. The latest a set of twins, Fiona and Finley, born March 30th, 2019.

Larry had always helped with the horse chores but had not ridden much over the years. At year 37 he said to me one day, ‘Get me a horse!’

I had moved from riding Quarter Horses all of my life to an Icelandic gelding, Somi. I had been fascinated with the Icelandic horses for many years as my family heritage comes from Iceland. So the search was on.

We located a 20 yr old gelding, Knár. Our trail adventures began. We love to be out on the trail and many times wished we could go out a couple times a day but didn’t want to overdo our horses. So, two more geldings came in to our lives, Kopar and Loki.

We are lucky enough to live by Mt Rainier so enjoy many different choices for riding in our area.

Our local Scandinavian Festival asked us to show case our horses at their annual 3 day event last year. We had tons of fun and got the word out about how awesome Icelandic horses are. We have been asked for a return performance and will do this fun event again in June.

We dabble a little with cattle sorting.

We ride the Pacific Ocean beaches.

We also are able to get passes to ride on our local army/air force base. This allows us to get out after work as well as weekends.

Our passion for riding became a passion for our future. We are planning our retirement around our horse activities. We currently ride about 30 miles a week.

We retire in a couple years so we are preparing to travel the USA to ride in as many national parks throughout our country.

Last year Larry bought me our live in trailer for my birthday.

We will travel the country until we find a place we would like to call home. and we have no idea where that may be or when. If you are interested in our travels we made a facebook page about our Icelandic adventures.

What an amazing retirement plan! I am already following their adventures and look forward to what happens next.

Look up Taylor Tolting Travels on Facebook and join us!

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