Anni Olsson Gait Training Coaching Session

Services offered (See below for more details about Anni):
Coaching Session: £15  including video feedback.
Optional additional 20 minute Skype feedback/coaching session: £20

Please submit a 10-15 minute video of your training session and a short description of the training session goal identifying specific issues if any in the form below.  Optional Skype feedback arranged at a mutually convenient time via email.

Normally 5 day response time unless otherwise specified. Please see calendar for availability.

Coaching Session Options
Your name & your horse’s name
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Introducing Anni:
Anni recently started her own business in Sweden focusing on training horses and riders as well as offering riding tours, riding school with Icelandic horses and pony club for kids. She helped start and establish a big horse stable in Germany for Icelandics and big horses. Her main job there was to set up their training system and train horses of various breeds.

Anni worked for many years at the well known Holtsmúli 1 in Iceland where she formulated the basics of her training programme. In Germany and Iceland she had lessons with various trainers and judges including her main influence, Peter De Cosemo from whom she has been learning from for many years.

Anni believes that improving body control and body language of the rider creates better communication with the horses. A balance of mental training, dressage exercises, pole work and hacking out in uneven terrain for fitness and coordination will create strong, confident, cooperative and happy horses that can carry riders with ease and elegance in any gait and speed.