April Showers 2019 Agility Challenge

  1. It’s raining! – pick up an umbrella (it can be already opened, or you can open it, either is acceptable) and walk at least 5m carrying the umbrella, then put it down. Your horse should be unconcerned and walk with you calmly and confidently.
  2. Walk through a ‘puddle’ – make an area of squashed plastic bottles for your horse to walk through. The area should be at least as long as your horse, and all four feet should step into the bottles. If you can’t collect enough bottles, you can add scrunched plastic feed sacks or cardboard boxes to fill the space. The aim is for your horse to confidently step onto strange, noisy surfaces. 
  3. Carrying the washing – pick up a laundry bag with some clothes in and place it across your horse’s back. Walk at least 5m with your horse carrying the bag. You will probably need to hold it on! (Ridden – place the bag in front of you on the horse. Long reining – carry the bag yourself while holding the long reins.)
  4. Hang out the washing – halt next to a ‘washing line’, take the bag off your horse and put it down, and hang up three items of washing from the bag. The washing line could be an actual washing line, or a piece of string tied to the arena fence. Horse should stand still while you ae busy, and not try to eat or otherwise ‘help’ with the washing.
  5. Dodging showers – test the weather. Halt in the first circle. Walk forwards until your horse’s front feet have stepped over the pole. Halt, with the pole under your horse’s belly. Count to three (while you ‘test the weather’ – oops, still raining!), then ask your horse to back up over the pole, back into the circle. Your horse should not touch the pole in either direction.
  6. Dodging showers – make a run for it! Run to the second circle. Your horse should tölt or trot next to you. Halt in the second circle.
  7. Waterfall – make an arch for you and your horse to walk through, and hang some streamers from it. This does not have to be a full curtain, but there should be enough streamers that some of them will touch your horse as he walks through. If your horse is worried about the streamers touching him you can always tie them back – it’s always better to lose a few points for a course adjustment to help your horse gain confidence, than try to do more than he can cope with and make him more worried. (Ridden – please make sure the arch is high enough for you to ride through, or remember to duck!)

**For Obstacle 5 and 6 make two large circles on the ground, about 10m away from each other. You can use cones, ropes, flour, or anything else you can find – make sure whatever you use is visible on your video. The circles should be big enough for you and your horse to stand in. Place a pole at the edge of the first circle, so that you walk over it to go to the second circle. **