April – The Isolation Challenge

Sadly this is currently very relevant.  While our challenges are designed to be fun for you and your horse, this one adds a reminder of the difficult situation that we all face together.  (While we normally have ridden options, this challenge will need to be performed with your horse on a lead rope or at liberty)

Get yourself ready to go out

  1. Place 2 lead ropes or poles or cones out on the ground parallel to each other and 6 feet/2m apart. Your horse must stand quietly behind one ‘barrier’ while you stand behind the other.
    • If you are using a lead rope, it should be placed over your horses shoulders or left on the ground
    • Pick up a pair of gloves and put them on while your horse stands politely

Get your horse ready to go out

  1. Your horse should stand politely as you put boots/bandages/socks on 2 legs

Keep your distance

  1. Set up two lines 6ft/2m apart. You can use jump poles or cones or rope on the ground for a distance of 5m/16ft
  2. You walk to one side of your line while your horse walks outside the opposite line so that you maintain a distance of 2m/6ft all the way.

Wave for help

  1. Pick up a flag and hold it out on the opposite side of your horse.
  2. Standing beside your horse, wave the flag in the air to signal that you need help.

Go get supplies

  1. Put a saddle or roller on your horse and attach 2 shopping bags, one either side, while your horse stands quietly beside you without moving.
  2. Add 3 items to each bag. Any ‘groceries’ or toilet roll will do!!!!!

Deliver your supplies

  1. Walk at least 6m/20ft with your grocery bags on your horse
  2. Remove or unpack the bags while your horse stands quietly without moving.

You’re too close

  1. Set up a target, cone, box, mat, etc at a distance of 6ft/2m from where you are standing.
  2. Send your horse to touch the target.
  3. You can use a nose target such as a cone, or a foot target such as a mat for this one.

Have fun with your horse, keep up the social distancing and stay safe!