Caro van de Wint – Gait Training / Sports Psychology Coaching

Services offered (See below for more details about Caro):
Basic coaching session £18: 10-15 minute video assessment  with email bullet point feedback
Standard coaching session £35: Max 15 minute video plus 40 – 45 minutes video call
Short (single issue) coaching session £28 :  Max 10 minute video plus 30 minutes video call
Extended coaching session £45:
Max 20 minute video plus 60 minutes video call
Sports Psychology  & Competition Coaching £30: 40 minutes video call

  • Discounts available for young riders upon request

Please add details in the form below with regard to what you would like Caro to focus on in her feedback(300 words max).

Video calls are arranged at a mutually convenient time.  Normal response within 3 working days from receipt of video unless prevented by travel or training course commitments, see Calendar for availability.

Coaching Packages
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Introducing Caro
Caro is a certified riding instructor with the German Icelandic Horse Association (IPZV, Trainer C / FEIF Level1) with a focus on gait training. In order to improve gaits, suppleness and willingness in leisure, competition and breeding horses she uses a wide variety of different training tools. She has been training horses, and given riding lessons in Germany, Canada, the Netherlands and in the UK and travels to teach clinics. To all of these, Caro welcomes any type of rider, young and old, beginner and experienced, leisure and competition rider. With every horse-rider combination she works individually to achieve their goals.

Currently living in the Netherlands, Caro has completed her MSc degree in Psychology and is now finalizing her MSc in Change Management. Additionally she has obtained a degree as “Coach and Trainer of Young Professionals”. She uses this knowledge to enhance communication with her students and also offers special coaching sessions to help people self-reflect, improve and get in the “right” mental state. This is helpful for competitions and other equestrian events but also for all other aspects of life where a person wishes to improve or change.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a coaching session please feel free to message Caro via email.