Christmas is Coming – December Boldness Challenge

Christmas Shopping: Pushing through the Crowds

  • This obstacle can be made using pool noodles or a much cheaper but less colourful option is pipe insulation
  • Set up so that the ends of the noodles/insulation are just touching your horse somewhere between mid-barrel and knees.
  • Walk/ride through calmly. In hand, you should be at least 1m (3ft) ahead of your horse.
  • Have a look at the picture below for ideas on set up. We use pieces of Velcro screwed onto thin fencing type poles to hold the noodles/insulation.  That way you can open and close the Velcro to easily adjust the length to bring them closer together.



Deck the Halls
Drape at least 4 hanging type decorations (Paper chains, tinsel or strands of ivy for example) over your horses back while he/she stands quietly.
If riding have your decorations at a suitable height and decorate both in front of and behind your saddle. Walk at least 6 m (20 ft) to your “tree”.

depositphotos_177075362-stock-photo-girl-horse-decorating-christmas-tree.jpgDecorate the Christmas tree

    • You can use a suitable branch, jump stand with twigs or your own creative option as your tree.
    • Again your horse should stand quietly beside you while you decorate your
      tree with the items you have brought.
  • canstockphoto33086335Santa’s Elves
    • Help Santa get all his toys together into his sack.
    • Place 4 presents at least 6m (20 feet) apart from each other. Place a sack/bucket somewhere central to the 4 presents
    • Collect each present individually and drop it in the sack
    • But you must hurry –tölt or trot to the sack each time you get a present and drop the present inside.
  • Oh Dear – Rudolph is not feeling well.
    • You may have to step in and tow the sleigh!
    • Have a length of rope or driving rein that’s long enough to finish 2-3m (6-10 ft) behind your horse.
    • Attach a small object to the end of your rope. g. plastic milk bottle, cardboard box
    • Both in hand and riding, the human can hold the rope/line.
    • Tow your sleigh for a distance of 6m (20 ft)


Training Tip:

This is an exercise that most likely will need a gradual build up with your object starting much further away from your horse and slowly coming closer.  By having you hold the other end of the line you can drop the line any time you think your horse is anxious.  Having a friend to tow your object a long way behind would be a great way to start.

  • Christmas_Jumps_7.jpgRooftop to Rooftop
    • You need to jump between rooftops!
    • Set up a small jump approximately 25-30cm tall using a pole.
    • Create a “drop” underneath by using some tarpaulin or plastic approx. 60cm (2ft) wide under your jump all along it’s length.
    • It’s a long way down so have a good run at it to be sure you make it! Tölt or trot over the pole.  Your horse should show a clear jump (rather than simply stepping over)
  • Quiet – Don’t wake the Children
    • Set out a starting and finishing line 5m (16ft) apart
    • Sneak from one line to the next by either walking very slowly or taking single strides (each foot just moves once)and stopping each time.


  • Christmas Treat – (Not in the competition!)
    • Enjoy a nice hot glass of a favourite tipple while treating your amazing horse to a Christmas carrot.

christmas carrot.JPG