Day 4 of Beta Test – Introducing the Coaches… Eva Nohe

As the first rule of Tölt.Club is that we talk about it, we have been doing really well.  Lots of interest and people engaging with the facebook page and coming to have a look see at the website in development.  Really good and useful feedback from people pointing out things we haven’t thought of.  (I love you guys!) Trialling a third website theme today,  I found one that allows a logo and a title but the products page is NASTY (sorry about that, we will move on in a day or two).

Our coaches are starting to get their bio’s up together, work out pricings and over the next few days I will be introducing them as they are ready to start receiving enquires via the website.

Our first victim coach to be ready is Eva Nohe, also known as Eva Entually on FB for now, but that might change.  Eva has done some coaching with Shona Stewart so she was a natural for Tölt.Club.  Once Shona had handed Töltonline over to the IHSGB, having taken it as far as she felt she could, she (Shona) started looking for a new way to enable and equip gaited horse riders to access training opportunities and other facilities that their location prevented, so the idea for Tölt.Club was born.

If you would like to help Beta Test the Tölt.Club website and are interested in possibly having coaching sessions with Eva, please go through the process starting on Eva’s page on the website.  Click on the Rider Assessment link (not going to make that link live on this page so you have to navigate through), fill in the form and press submit, if you have a video, that’s great, if you don’t, post a link to any (nice) video and tell Eva in the message that it isn’t a real video so she doesn’t waste time reviewing it.  Eva has some time Wednesday/Thursday this week, then early next week, but if she is overwhelmed she may not be able to do more than send you an acknowledgement for now.

Ignore the add to basket button (scroll on past, NASTY product page in this theme), you can trial it if you want to, thank you very much, it shouldn’t cost you anything (its a sandbox paypal testing account), but you dont need to to submit an email to Eva.  Thank you all and keep talking about Tölt.Club



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