Eva Beun

My name is Eva Beun, born in 1984 in The Netherlands.

Since the age of 11 horses are my passion, first a Shetland pony (still mine), a short period a Connemara and since 2004 Icelandic Horses and that virus is strong.

In 2006 I graduated as a physiotherapist. Within human physiotherapy I have specialized in low back pain, behaviour and behavioural changes and of course horse riders. To be able to do more than only the training of the body of the rider in our practice but also on the horse, I have completed the trainers and instructor training in Deurne and I am a FEIF trainer level 1.

When it comes to performing in sports, in addition to physical optimum performance, it is also about mental components, I started to study the human brain and how this influences us positively or negatively.

As a physiotherapist I have a holistic approach, body and mind are inseparable and everything around us affects us to a greater or lesser extent.

In 2016 I completed a special coach training in which physical and mental training is used for better performance.

A coaching and training technique also used by Adelinde Cornelissen.

After a period as sports leader of the Netherlands, I wanted to continue to develop myself and follow my dreams, so in 2017 I started an effort study into the effects of the changes in the T1 final, started at the University of Ghent to become an equestrian physiotherapist and started the Dutch national judge training.

All that is now completed and so now I’m an equestrian physiotherapist and an Dutch national judge too. 

I follow my passion everyday by working with both humans and horses (and other animals), I train and compete with two Icelandic horses

What can I do for riders?

When a rider has questions about physical or mental issues with himself or with physical questions about his / her horse or wants support in formulating suitable goals

Certainly not only for riders who compete.

Every combination of me can function at his or her own level, it is important to me that this is done in harmony and with mutual respect for body and mind.