Video equipment

Most modern video equipment will be suitable for filming tests for Tölt.Club coaching and competitions.  We’re unable to accept videos filmed on mobile devices that don’t have a zoom function. This includes older iPhones, iPads and some Android devices.  MoviePro (available from the App Store for £5.99 at November 2018) can be used on any Apple device and includes an acceptable zoom feature. If in doubt, get in touch providing details of your video equipment and we’ll let you know if it’s suitable.

Video hints and tips

You will need a friend or colleague to film your test for you. Ask them to follow these instructions to ensure your test can be judged online. Watch this example video for an idea of what we are looking for.

Filming position

  • Film from behind the judge’s position at the C marker, outside the arena for dressage/boldness/agility  tests and in the centre following the horse for gait tests.  Your coach may also ask you to set your camera up in a specific position for specific coaching assistance, please follow their instructions carefully.
  • If it’s a sunny day, try to ensure the sun is behind the camera
  • If you can, mount the camera on a tripod to keep the equipment steady.
  • Unless specified the video must be one continuous recording so the judges are able to see that it is not an editted version of the best bits of each part of the test.  Occasionally the judges may set a test which requires separate locations and this will be specified in the instructions.


  • Start filming a short time before the rider enters at A, e.g. as the rider passes the E or B marker (or starts the test in agility or gaited tests)
  • Keep the horse and rider in the centre of the frame
  • Sound must be recorded.
  • Remember to introduce yourself and your horse on camera and tell us what test you are riding  i.e. Claudia Brown riding Hakki Test A November


  • Avoid excessive zooming in and out – the judge will need to see the part of the arena the competitor is in and the whole horse and rider clearly
  • Some zooming is necessary when the horse and rider are at the far end of the arena


The horse and rider should fill about half of the vertical space in the frame whenever possible.

Upload your video

Our preference is for YouTube but you can use a free file sharing website, such as Dropbox or WeTransfer. 

To Upload your test to YouTube you will need to join YouTube.  Here is a brief video from YouTube on how to upload.  Remember and save your video with your name, your horse which test you’ve entered and the month.

Make your video unlisted, then cut and paste the URL for your video which you will find in the browser bar at the top of the screen into your entry form so we can find your test.