Team Five Gait – Monthly Challenge

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Tölt.Club gives you and your friends with gaited horses the opportunity to take part in the very popular Team Five Gait relay competition against other teams from around the world.  This competition is intended to be fun for pure and part bred gaited horses and for those whose riding skills haven’t yet developed enough to reliably find every gait.  Teams can be from three to five people and each team member can ride up to two gaits.  The gaits can be performed in any order with each team member performing their gaits one after another showing appropriate transitions between gaits. Team members may video their gaits separately in different places but if possible we encourage you to get together, practice and have fun.  Video may be paused or stopped between different riders using the same arena.

  • Mark out your arena (anywhere flat and safe will do)
  • We ask you to ride a complete circuit in WALKTROT, TÖLT
     & CANTER and a complete circuit in one fast gait (Fast Tölt, Fast Trot or Canter)  The team member performing the fast gait must also perform the slower version of the same gait showing noticably different speeds.
  • Film yourselves, upload your video and send us the link
  • Team Signup (you can do this anytime, no obligation but we will send you complementary Tölt.Club stickers for all the members of your team with your team name and the Tölt.Club logo when you sign up)

Our judging panel will send your scores and add you to our International Gaited League Leader Board

Fun for you, your horses and your friends.  Rosettes and prizes awarded monthly.