Gaited Dressage Level A Test 06-2019

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The purpose of the Gaited Dressage Test Level A is to introduce the horse and rider to the basic principles of Dressage riding and to show the horse moving freely forward with balance, rhythm and suppleness.  The rider may ride in either TROTor TÖLT but not  both.  Speed of TÖLT is at the riders discretion.  Try and ride in a light, steady contact with the exception of free walk where your horse should be ridden in a long rein with freedom to stretch and lower its head.  The rider should have a good position and use of the aids and remember to breathe.  A smile will get you extra marks.  Scale of marks is standard UK marking, see table below.  Where not specifice, continue in the gait you are in to the indicated marker for the next part of the test.

Scale of marks:

Excellent 10 Insufficient 4
Very Good 9 Fairly Bad 3
Good 8 Bad 2
Fairly Good 7 Very Bad 1
Satisfactory 6 Not Performed 0
Sufficient 5

Errors are deducted on a fixed scale up to a maximum deduction:
1st error – 2 Pts, 2nd error – 4 Pts, 3rd error – 8 Pts, 4th error ELIMINATION

    Test Guidelines Max Mark
1 A



Enter at TOLT or TROT and Halt, salute, proceed in TOLT/TROT

Turn right

Rhythm, straightness
Quality of turnRhythm, regularity & quality of TOLT/TROT
2 A



20 metre half circle right to X

20 metre half circle to C

Obedience and balance in transition

Rhythm, regularity & quality of trot or tolt

3 E


Turn left

Turn right


Rhythm, balance, bend & accuracy, Suppleness & bend 10
4 A


Medium walk

Medium Walk

Obedience and balance in transitions

Rhythm, regularity & quality of walk

5 KXM Change the rein in a free walk on a long rein Relaxation & stretching, stride length & suppleness

Obedience in transition

10x 2
6 M


Medium walk


Quality of walk, thoroughness of transition

Quality and tempo of gait

7 HXF Change the rein in Tolt/trot Rhythm, regularity & quality of gait, contact 10
8 A Circle right 20m, with a give and retake of reins over X Obedience & balance balance in stretching regularity and tempo 10


Change the rein in trot/tolt
Rhythm, regularity & quality of gait, contact, transition 10
10 EX



Half circle 10 metre
Down the centre lineHalt. Immobility. SaluteLeave the arena on a loose rein
Rhythm & straightness Obedience, balance & relaxation in halt 10
  “A” Subtotal 110

Collective Marks (B)

Subject Max Marks
Gaits – freedom & steadiness 10X2
Impulsion- willingness to step forward, suppleness of back & steps 10X2
Submission – Lightness & ease of movements, acceptance of the bit, attention & confidence 10X2
Rider’s position & seat, effectiveness of aids, correctness 10X2
“B” Subtotal 80

Total Marks [A+B Total – Errors]  this is given as a percentage of available marks.

This test has been compiled under FEIF rules.