It’s a Winter Wonderland! – January Boldness Training

1. Danger – THIN ICE!

Lay a tarp on the ground that is 3m across. Both horse and handler must cross the tarp, but only ONE OF THEM can walk across it at a time. You can either send the horse across first or ask the horse to wait while you go across first.  For ridden participants the walk must be as slow as possible with as loose rein as possible.

2. Crunchy Snow.

Make a pole square at least 2m square and FILL it with squashed plastic bottles. Horse and handler walk through together, making as much noise as possible!

3. Misty moisty morning.

Hang some white plastic or sheets to push through like a curtain. The curtain should go at least to the horses’ knees, and be wide sections rather than ribbons.

4. Janauary sales!

Set up five ‘shoppers’ to weave between with your horse. Hang full shopping bags from cones or posts placed 1.5m apart and weave between them WITHOUT knocking the bags! (Tinsel is a great lightweight bag stuffing for this obstacle) .

5. Admire the winter scenery.

In hand / liberty – halt with your horse, then step 1-2m
away and (not looking at your horse) count to 10 before
returning. Your horse should wait for you to return and
not ove his feet while waiting.

Ridden – halt with your horse, put the reins down on
your hors’e neck, lift your hands away from the reins (if
you feel able to), and count to ten before taking up the
reins and walking on again. Halt should be soft and calm,
and horse should wait patiently without moving until
asked to move off. !

6. Eek – got lost!

Put two poles on the ground to make a corridor 1m
wide. Horse AND handler walk between the poles
without stepping outor touching the poles. Halt once
the handler and horse’s front feet are outside the pole
corridor at the other end.

7. Retrace your steps.

Back your horse between the poles until all four feet are
outside the pole corridor. Handler ust also go back
between the poles, but can be facing any direction (not
necessarily going backwards!).