Judith Edel

Services offered (See below for more details about Judith):
One to one online issue based coaching: £30 per session, which includes assessment of up to 10 minutes of video, a call of 45-50 minutes, a short written summary emailed afterwards, and homework.

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Introducing Judith
Hi, I’m Judith Edel and I’ve been addicted to horses my whole life.

I learned to ride when I was ten, and by my fourteenth birthday I was working at the riding school every weekend and during school holidays.

I learned a lot about stable management, horse care, and of course riding, and passed my BHS Stage 1 exams. But it wasn’t until I bought my first horse, that I really learned about horses.

Honey was (and still is) wonderful, sensible (on the whole) and safe, but she is also very sensitive about things, including saddles. This brought us to Heather Moffett’s range of SoftTree saddles, and introduced us to Enlightened Equitation, which teaches you how to move with your horse instead of against him as you ride. With one or two small adjustments to how I was riding I soon had a wonderful, soft pony who would turn, stop and go with a whisper of a thought. It was amazing! I loved it so much I trained as an Enlightened Equitation Teacher (and qualified in 2008).

Honey taught me about riding, but Pip taught me about training. Pip is a complicated pony, and doesn’t respond well to training using pressure, which includes both traditional training and ‘natural horsemanship’, but he absolutely loves reward based/positive reinforcement training (using a clicker). He has taught me how to plan, how to train, and how to laugh. He has found his sport, and we compete regularly at Horse Agility; he is number one in the UK and ranked fourth in the world league, regularly acheiving things both on a rope and at liberty which, back in my riding school days, I would never have dreamed possible.