July By The Virtual Sea Obstacle Challenge

Weave your way down to the beach.

Set up two lines of objects. These can be cones, upside down buckets, you name it. See diagram below for layout

This exercise is to be done at walk.

Horse and handler can weave together. In hand or at liberty the handler will be outside the horse on alternate bends.

Riders should be on loose reins

Advanced: If you are completing this challenge for the second year – obstacles 8ft (2.5m) apart. All other conditions the same.

Shade under a parasol.

Set up an umbrella so that both you and your horse can fit underneath and stand together.

If you are riding, then pick up an umbrella and hold it over both of you.

Stay in this position for 5 seconds. Your horse should stand quietly with you.

Advanced: 15 second halt.

Build a sandcastle

Set up two buckets at least 5-6m/20 feet apart.  These can be on the ground or raised.

Use a small container, bucket or scoop to fill sand from the first bucket and have your horse carry it to the second bucket.

Pour your sand into the second bucket while your horse remains unconcerned and doesn’t try to check out the bucket.

If you are riding, place the bucket/container at the front of your saddle.  You will need to have the two big buckets on a height that you can reach from the saddle – on top of barrels for example.

Advanced: Repeat this three times or if you prefer extend the distance you are travelling to 40ft.

Scary things on the prom!

Set up a corner that has a variety of seaside stuff draped a distance of 10ft/3m on either side of the corner.

You can use flags, bunting, windmills, inflatable flowers, buckets and spades, whatever you have handy.  Be sure to pin them securely to the fence.

Place a pole on the ground 6 feet/1.8m out from your scary items (if you don’t have poles use a couple of lead ropes attached together or a lunge line)

Walk your horse between the line and the scary items.  Your horse should be nearest to the scary stuff.

Advanced: See how close you can get- bonus points for the horse touching the scary objects.

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Jump over the waves

Set up a small jump 10-12 inches/25-30cm high. And wide enough for you and your horse to jump together

Approach and jump at a trot/tölt

Your horse should show a jumping effort.

Advanced: Encourage your horse to attempt the jump alone. Here’s how you might try… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUOX44724cc

Splash in the sea.

Set out a fairly large tarpaulin that is big enough that you and your horse can walk into it and do a full 360o turn about.

If you don’t have a tarpaulin, you can use an area created by squashed plastic bottles or the very small balls used in kiddies play areas

Advanced: 360o clockwise and then anticlockwise.

Image result for hose horse legs
  • Cool off with a shower
  • Spray all 4 of your horse’s legs using a hose or spray bottle.  Spend at least 5 seconds on each leg and spray below the hocks/knees.
  • Your horse should remain still throughout
  • For ridden option, have a friend on the ground do the spraying for you.

Advanced: Advance up the legs to the body and spray along the back. Avoid the head.