July TREC Challenge

Welcome to our first monthly competition! You can enter the obstacles mounted (which may include some led obstacles, as per a normal TREC completion) or entirely in hand.

Please submit one video showing all ten obstacles completed in one go. You tube with a link sent to us is ideal!

All of the obstacles this month have detailed explanations of scoring in the example videos linked below. At the bottom of this page, I have made suggestions for how to simulate various obstacles!

Mounted course:
1. Corridor https://youtu.be/MdKU6ECjr0E
2. S-bend https://youtu.be/PcexnFwzHpE
3. Immobility https://youtu.be/zUuRcQAiTE4
4. Neck reining https://youtu.be/kJQdlSrhuU8
5. Led ditch https://youtu.be/fdEzeuqV77E
6. Led rein back https://youtu.be/9AaZ75ZEQ4c
7. Led corridor https://youtu.be/0mFQ0uO9E18
8. Mount with a block https://youtu.be/-7N5ECmTHDQ
9. Footbridge https://youtu.be/_Gi_yxc5_c0
10. Bending: https://youtu.be/mWdkWPiYVXA

Led course:
1. Led corridor https://youtu.be/0mFQ0uO9E18
2. Led S-bend https://youtu.be/X-mt5X01_Po
3. Led immobility https://youtu.be/soVAud4Nz2w
4. Leg neck reining (1 handed leading) https://youtu.be/tZb3Vq_GV0Y
5. Led ditch https://youtu.be/fdEzeuqV77E
6. Led rein back https://youtu.be/9AaZ75ZEQ4c
7. Led gate https://youtu.be/MOXtDpcdc0U
8. Led footbridge https://youtu.be/DQtyA1r3m98
9. Led bending (only a ridden video, but the scoring is almost the same – trot for +3 style though and walk for 0 style.) https://youtu.be/mWdkWPiYVXA
10. Led corridor (opposite direction to obstacle 1) https://youtu.be/0mFQ0uO9E18

Ideas for obstacles:

  • Corridor – ideally 2 jump poles, about 50cm apart. A long piece of timber works well too, and if you don’t have more than 1 you could position it along an arena fence.
  • S-bend – somehow mark an s-shape – I use rails or jump pukes, you could also use rope or even spring flour on the floor to mark the pattern!
  • Immobility requires circles – I mark out with little cones or sprinkle flour or shavings in a circle. The led immobility needs two circles, one inside the other. Ridden only needs one.
  • Neck reining needs any two ‘things’ to move around – tyres, cones, barrels, buckets, bales – anything!
  • The ditch can double up as the footbridge – step over it for the ditch, walk along for footbridge. It’s about a change of surface, so think of using rubber mats, a strong sheet of ply, or something flexible like a tarpaulin or old piece of carpet. Make sure flappy things are secured down, and thinks like timber can’t flip up under the horse when they step on one corner!
  • Rein back is 2 poles, as for corridor, but wider (about a metre wide.) try and mark out a place to stop (when judging, I need a marker that their front feet need to be in front of to start the rein back.) Also put a marker at the back to indicate when you can stop! Cones are good for this.
  • Led gate (led class only) – any gate will do! I’d advise tying a loop of rope or twine around as your handle, if your gate has a sticky catch like mine does in the video!
  • Mount from a block – if you don’t have a mounting block, use something suitable a safe (eg straw bale.)
  • Bending – you’ll need 6 items, bending poles are ideal but electric fence posts (if you’re in a field) work well or cones.

Good luck and happy TRECing!

Gait challenge to follow…..