June Obstacles – Sports Day

June is the month of School Sports’ Days, so that’s the theme of this month’s course. Have fun!

** For task 1 and 2 you will need a contact mat 1x1m square, a bucket, and a ‘bean bag’. For the mat you can use old carpet, feed sacks, plywood, rubber matting, etc., anything that will show up on your video. Put the bucket 2m away from the mat. For task 2 you will need something to throw into the bucket; a small ball, bean bag, soft toy, etc.**

The Starting Line – Halt your horse with both front feet on the contact mat. Horse must wait on the mat while you complete the next challenge.

Bucket Race – put a bucket 2m away from the mat. While your horse is standing on the mat, throw your ‘bean bag’ into the bucket. Your horse should be unconcerned by your movements (and not try to retrieve your item or investigate the bucket). ADVANCED: Challenge yourself – how many bean bags can you throw and retreive without your horse moving.

Hurdles – set up a line of 4 poles, 1.5-2m apart. (You can adjust the distances to suit your horse.) Use small blocks or bricks to raise alternate ends of each pole. Trot, tölt, or pace over the poles with your horse, without either of you touching any of the poles. ADVANCED: six poles for you this time.

Hoop-la! Halt your horse with both front feet inside a hoop. Wait for a count of three then walk on. You can use a hoop from a toy shop (although they don’t tend to last very long) or make one from plastic water pipe. ADVANCED: count of 10.

Football – ask your horse to kick a ball at least twice. You may use any size ball, and your horse may use his legs or nose to move the ball. ADVANCED: Choose and announce which part of your horse will move the ball. (practice this maybe?)

Dressing up race! Find some dressing up clothes (hat, scarf, coat, bag, etc…) and dress up yourself AND your horse. You should wear two items each, and they can be as ridiculous as you want! (For the ridden class, place the items on a fence where you will be able to reach them from the saddle.) ADMIN NOTE: There will be a prize for the best fancy dress as voted for by the public. See if you can be scarier than Gerry last year!

Ready, steady, GO! Now you are dressed up, race with your horse at least 6-8m. We’ll be looking for a quick response in the transition and a loose rope! ADVANCED: Surprise us – what can you do in fancy dress that we haven’t seen in this challenge.