This page is evolving – working with Set The Pace a bi-monthly e-magazine based in the UK Icelandic Horse Chat Group we are gathering interesting links, our coaches are providing free training resources and we will eventually have a searchable database.  For now its a web page which will become more sophisticated over time.  Some links may be out of date (but will be checked every 2 months as the new magazine is published) and some may have limited access rights.  Please report any problems.

Free Coaching Resources

Diana Waters (Responsive Equine):   Equi-Gems are a free series of short video clips. Each Equi-Gem aims to teach a specific skill wth minimum fuss. Click on the buttons to view each clip.
Johan Häggberg (Nattfari Podcast No 1)

Johan Häggberg (Nattfari Podcast No 2) Podcast No 2 transcript

Information & Research

Shoulder Movement in slow motion from: Leigha Brothers
Managing your horses weight Booklet from: University of Liverpool
Monitoring Exercise Recovery from: Trackener
Laminitis Vaccine Research from: Science Daily
When to Rug from: Dr David Martin
Rugging Infografic from: North West Equine Vets
How bits work from: Horse Spirit
The purpose of whiskers, lips and muzzles  in horses infographic from: Integrated Bodyworks
Licking and Chewing – Submission or Stress? from: International Society for Equitation Science
How to keep your horses safe in Firework Season
from:  World Horse Welfare
Bone Maturity in horses
Manalo Mendez
The Bridge of Engagement – re-educating the spine.
Integrated Bodyworks
5 year old horse lumbar spine
Helen Davies Equine Research
How much grass do Horses need
from: Nelipot Cottage – Keeping sport horses holistically healthy
Ask a Geneticist: Why do Icelandic horses have more gaits?
from: The Reykjavik Grapevine

Natural England Walks & Rides database
Details and maps for more than 1800 walks, rides and areas of open access provided under the Countryside Stewardship, Environmentally Sensitive Areas and Environmental Stewardship Schemes
Travelling horses in the heat  from: Horse & Hound
Connection Training horses with kindness and thoughtfulness
Worming Options after the removal of a praziquantel-only worming product in October 2018 – Westgate Labs
Worming Options printable infographic – Westgate Labs
The importance of correct bitting on the horses tongue & the impact on shoulder movement – Anatomy in Motion
From the horses eye view – Haras de la Sence
Compulsory microchipping of horses from October 2020  UK Gov Press release.
App Fengur World Fengur phone app that allows access to information from World Fengur database
Horse Flies

Interest and Amusement

Toltriding – Film Channel dedicated to Icelandic Horses
Because of Horses Podcast Interviews with people from all walks of equestrian life.  Free.
Richard Dunwoody’s Icelandic Racing Adventure from: Racing Post
Roundup season in Iceland from: Langhaus Farm
Icelandic horses being introduced into America
Mounted Archery 2018 Competition – amazing video
Alize Froment, bitless and bridleless showcase from HOYS 2018
The number of Icelandic Horses around the world infographic from Horses of Iceland
A perfectly preserved 30,000 year old foal from: The Siberian Times
Bitless and Barefoot at Equifest for the first time
The Royal Dick vet college out-standing fracture repair
Contemporary art of riding Katerine Burr – beautiful groundwork
10 for tölt  Kveikur frá Stangarlæk 1

Opportunities to Join in

Mic Rushen – Hrimnir free online instruction videos from December 2018
Lu Crawford – Hay Grazer E-Riders, online dressage
Maike Ahlgrimm – Bridge the Pennine Bridleway Gap – Petition
Louise Thorrington – The Horse Trust – request for participation in a study to develop a saliva test for encysted redworm
FEIF Virtual Ride to Berlin
Your Horse 1000 mile hack

Chat Group Responses to Information Requests

Towing Vehicle insurance – June 2018
Sweet Itch rug recommendations – July 2018
Travelling horses without partitions – September 2018
How to safely open a gate from horseback – September 2018
Electric Fencing – September 2018
Tow Vehicle Recommendations – September 2018
Renault Master van conversion options – October 2018
Exercising your horse in winter – October 2018
Flying a horse in from Iceland – October 2018

Icelandic Horse Blogs/Facebook pages

Little Viking Horse (Catherine Holland)
My Shetland (Frances Taylor)
Me and Aspar the Icelandic Horse  (Thalia Colyer)
Efi’s Trec Adventures (Rebekah Spowage)
The Adventures of Tinna and Jörð (Karen Smith)