Mary Concannon – TREC / Horse Agility / Boldness Training

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TREC/Horse Agility/Boldness Training – €50 Per Session (See below for more details about Mary)

10-15 minute video followed by 40 minute video call.  Arranged at a mutually convenient time.  Normally respond within 48 hours from receipt of video.

Introducing Mary
Mary is a student of Alexandra Kurland and uses positive reinforcement methods to communicate with and coach horses and people.  Mary is a coach for Alex’s Online Course. (not run through Tolt.Club) Her e-coaching portfolio for Tolt.Club will focus on Boldness training which encourages horses to become braver in their home environment.  This will primarily be approached using easily constructed or purchased obstacles which replicate the environment your horse is finding challenging.

Boldness training obstacles can also be used for TREC training and horse agility training.  The obstacles used in this training should conform to TREC  Obstacle standards.

Mary is a certified Horse Sport Ireland Level 1 Coach and a coach for the Click That Teaches Organisation

Mary runs Click That and teaches in the UK and across Europe throughout the year.  Mary has been training horses full time for over 10 years and has an established e-learning element to her coaching so she can maintain contact with people who have been on her courses and help them progress with their training.  She has joined Tolt.Club as a coach to offer her particular skill set to gaited horses whether full or part bred.  When not delivering courses elsewhere she is based at Oakfield Farm in Dorset where she is responsible for training Nick Foot’s young Icelandic horses and is available for individual coaching lessons there  in person.  See her Calendar for availability and contact details through her own website.