May Moment – Introducing Sue Merrick

Through April we had a series of introductions to some of the amazing people I have come across through Tölt.Club. I still have some people sending them in as they find time and the words to introduce themselves.

Today on a lovely sunny May Wednesday as I prepare to go weaving I have stolen a few moments to share Sue’s introduction. Sue and I have corresponded on and off for several years over Facebook, nothing indicated anything other than the normal nine to five, even if it was on Skye. Then as I was putting together this year’s Celebration of the Icelandic horse booklet I had occasion to visit her Facebook page…. after that I asked Sue to introduce herself as I would NEVER have guessed ….. read on and you will be amazed too.

Ok, here goes.

Hello my name is Susan Merrick, known as Sue.

I’m married to Kevin and we have four daughters and four Grandchildren.

I’ve always led an active lifestyle. I preferred to walk or run rather than catch a bus as a child so I could spend my bus fare on sweets!

I have always owned a dog or two or three! As a consequence I walk at a dogs trotting pace.

One day while gardening my daughter’s friend asked if daughter number three could go and try out a pony she was thinking of buying.

Long story short, we acquired Pippin. A few years later just before we moved from our home in Sussex to the Isle of Skye, I bought Tindra. Well, I had always wanted a horse and Pippin would need company. We moved up to Skye just before Christmas 2004.

Tindra arrived at the beginning of January. She was delivered to the Lorry Park in Inverness. This meant I had to drive there and pick her up, having never been to Inverness before and never towed either. On went the brave pants and off I went. No GPS.

Four days later we had a hurricane and the gate blew down. Pippin and Tindra escaped out onto the road. Helped by an amazing man I managed to retrieve the horses while he collected my two youngest off the school bus. I still can’t believe I let a total stranger take my car to get my girls, but I wasn’t going to risk losing my horse after waiting a lifetime for her!

Over the years we collected Jess a Connemara, Randalin an Icelandic, Orlando a Welsh x who can pace and finally Spori another Icelandic.

Tindra is my main riding horse, but I also ride Orlando and Randalin, my daughter’s horses. Jess and Spori don’t get ridden so much and Pippin is too old and small but will happily accommodate my younger grandchildren.

We also have a mixed breed flock of Sheep, three chickens and four Peafowl. Not to mention our three dogs, all rescues. A German Shepherd and two Collies. I work part time as a staff nurse in our local hospital.

My other hobbies include walking which has progressed to mountain climbing and scrambling. I have climbed all of the Cuillin here on Skye.

I never had ambitions to climb, it kind of happened by accident.

I saw the Skye trail walk with the Skye rangers advertised in the local paper and went along. I met many new people including Jane and Peter. After the walk was completed over the course of the summer, Jane suggested the three of us walked back up the Island going over the hills and it just progressed from there.

We try and do one walk a week if we can. I also wild swim every Sunday when I’m not working, it’s a wonderful experience snorkelling off the north west coast and there is so much to see. I enjoy running, Kayaking and mountain biking but I don’t have so much time for these activities.

Wild Swimming

Unfortunately Kevin doesn’t share my interests but he does play badminton and tries to enrol any poor unsuspecting friends and acquaintances.

There aren’t any other Icelandic horses on the Island. Frances and Rachel are the nearest over on the mainland. So we meet up when we can to talk Icelandics!

Last summer I was able to attend the Icelandic championships to see Rachel take part.

Tindra has Cushings disease and a tooth condition called EOTRH. It is a painful condition and had to have a tooth extracted last year, she has already lost a few. We are currently going bitless. This seems a natural progression as she is also barefoot and treeless too. All I need now is a nice long summer to get out and about on my horses.

So now you know – Sue makes it sound so everyday, which to her, of course, it is. I have added the photos so you can see quite how Amazing she is.

I have so enjoyed browsing through people’s facebook pages. If you come across someone who surprises or amazes you, please do introduce them to me. I will keep the introductions coming as time allows. The ragwort hunt is progressing very nicely but then it is the fencelines we have to clear to make sure the hairies stay where they should be!

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