May Moments

Apologies for the radio silence it’s been two weeks since I last caught up with the blog. If you are from the UK you will know that Oakfield Icelandic Horses run the biggest Icelandic horse events in the UK. Icelandic horses in the UK are 0.5% of the horse population and we are on the South coast so only about half the country are within reach of our shows. Nonetheless we had a wonderful time with 42 horse and rider combinations entering our various classes. It takes a few days to catch up with life afterwards – so – onwards to…


Catching up slowly after the show, lots to share in May Moments.

More amazing introductions, some great obstacle bloopers but first – our next entrants to the Tölt Club wall of fame from our Spring Show at Oakfield Farm in Dorset.

We would like you to share your May moments as well, as they come along or at the end of the month and we will do a compilation. Post them to our timeline.

I have put out a request for pictures from the obstacles and Mary set out the May Flowers Obstacle Challenge for people to have a practice with while they were here at the weekend. Our featured image is Thalia Colyer, Richard Gledhill & Linda Rivad, early arrivers who helped set out the May Flowers obstacle challenge for those who wanted to have a practice over the weekend. I have made a gallery of the pictures we have of the maypole and smelling the flowers, I will add more as they emerge from the ether.

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