Mic Rushen – FEIF Competition Coaching

FEIF competition online coaching (per group) £36 Choose your test in the box below. Up to three riders can get together on a suitably mown grass oval track (whatever size you can manage) or in an arena if you prefer.

You can ride alone, or with another rider who is not being judged (use the individual coaching link to book an individual competition coaching session. Please mention the class, that you are doing a FIEF competition test for comment and that your companion rider is not being judged in the coaching focus box).

FIEF competition group coaching is a convenient and  cost effective way to help prepare riders for local and national competitions where more than one rider will be on the track at the same time and as a way to improve their gait and transition riding skills in a more structured way. Each rider will receive comprehensive judges comments on each gait, emailed to the paypal address unless other email addresses are supplied.  Group video feedback can also be arranged via Zoom if required.

Video should be taken from the centre of the track/arena.  Price includes one Tölt class or one Gait class for up to three riders riding at the same time.  Click on the links below the table  for full details of what is required for each class.

Tölt Classes – please choose one:
Four Gait Classes – please choose one:
Five Gait Classes – please choose one:
Video URL
Names and horses names

Performing the classes:

  • Treat A or C of your schooling area as the middle of the short side of the track for individual tests if you do not have access to an oval track.
  • Please make sure, if you are riding on grass, that you are safe – your horse may need studs if it’s slippery.
  • NB: Five Gait classes should only be ridden on an oval track or in an area of an equivalent size. A 20x40m arena is not safe for riding pace.

Tölt  Classes
T1 – Tölt (Sport A individual class)
T2 – Tölt (Sport A individual loose rein tölt)
T3 – Tölt (Sport A group class)
T4 – Tölt (Sport A group loose rein tölt)
T5 – Tölt (Intermediate group class)
T6 – Tölt (Intermediate group loose rein tölt)
T7 – Tölt (Beginners group class)
T8 – Tölt (Beginners group class)

Four Gait  Classes
V1 – Four Gait (Sport A individual class)

V2 – Four Gait (Sport A Group class)
V3 – Four Gait (Intermediate Group class)
V4 – Four Gait (Group Equitation class)
V5 – Four Gait (Beginners Group class)
V6 – Four Gait (Beginners Group class)

NB: Five gait classes should only be ridden on an oval track or in an area of an equivalent size. A 20x40m arena is not safe for riding pace.
Five Gait  Classes
F1 – Five Gait (Sport A Individual class)
F2 – Five Gait (Sport A Group class)
F3 – Five Gait (Intermediate group class)