V4 – Four Gait

The test is ridden groups of up to five riders on the oval track. The horses show the four gaits
as instructed by the speaker. They ride on the rein as set in the starting list.
1. medium walk
2. any speed tölt
3. transition of walk/tölt and tölt to walk, separately ridden as instructed by the speaker
Change rein
4. slow to medium speed trot
5. slow to medium speed canter; the start into canter and the stop after canter into walk
is shown separately by each rider as instructed by the speaker

General remarks
The test is meant mostly to judge the style of riding and the seat of the rider and not mostly
the gaits of the horse. What also matters is the harmony between rider and horse, the
correctness of the performance and the obedience of the horse.

What is asked for:
Rider: Good seat, soft and sensitive handling of the reins, nearly invisible use of aids. Correct
and quiet carrying out of the exercises, considerate behaviour towards the other riders.
The horse should be keen and relaxed in all gaits. Good composure, obedient in all
exercises. Minor faults in the beat influence the marks only slightly as long as the riders’ aids
are correct. The highness and width of the horse’s movements do not influence the marks