VB1 – Individual Beginners Four Gait

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  • Show half a round of walk,
  • one round of medium trot,
  • one round of tölt at the speed best for you and your horse,
  • two full long sides of canter (you may show a full round of canter if you prefer, but this will not gain extra marks).
  • You may show the gaits in any order

Begin the test in the middle of the short side (ie be in the first gait you wish to show in the middle of the short side). You must return to walk before the middle of the long side after you finish your test.

The test is meant mostly to judge the style of riding and the seat of the rider and not so much the quality of the horse’s gait. What also matters is the harmony between rider and horse, the correctness of the performance and the obedience of the horse. You will gain marks for:

Rider: Good seat, soft and sensitive handling of the reins,nearly invisible use of aids. Correct and quiet carrying out of the exercises.

Horse: Your horse should be keen and relaxed in all gaits. Good composure, obedient in all exercises.

Minor faults in the beat influence the marks only slightly as long as the your aids are correct.The elevation and width of your horse’s movements do not influence the marks awarded.