Gait Training Tests Monthly Challenge


 gives you the opportunity to take part in specially adapted Gait Training Tests against other individuals from across the world.

£10 per horse/rider combination per class, to include comprehensive judges comments.  Or £5 per class for unwaged, under 18 and full time students. £30 for team 5 events.

Entry form for all Gait Training competitions here (opens in a new tab)

  • Mark out your arena You can perform the test anywhere you have a flat space that is approximately 20m x 40m (if you have an oval track, that’s perfect, but not essential unless otherwise indicated). Treat A or C of your schooling area as the middle of the short side of the track for individual tests. Please make sure, if you are riding on grass or that your arena is smaller than 20m x 40m, that you are safe – your horse may need studs if it’s slippery.
  • Choose your test:
    (Individual Beginners Tölt)
    VB1 (Individual Beginners Four Gait)
    Three from Five Gaits
    Team Five Gait Relay
  • Film yourselves, upload your video and send us the link

Our judging panel will send you your scores and add you to our International Gaited League Leader Board.  Rosettes and prizes awarded monthly.