Rebekah Spowage – TREC GB/ Spookbusting

Online TREC Training & Competition

Introducing Rebekah

Rebekah initially studied human physiotherapy at university before completing an Equine Science degree, in which she specialised in learning theory and positive reinforcement training systems. She also trained as an equine TTEAM practitioner in 2008, although is not currently a Guild member (children have prevented the necessary CPD updates!) This combination of skills means that Rebekah has a keen eye for behavioural, postural and movement issues and can suggest a number of bodywork, in-hand and ridden exercises.

Rebekah has been working with horses (part or full time) for 18 years, including riding instruction, behaviour consultations, within a vet practice, freelance groom work, exercising and more recently, as a yard manager for Ingleby Hall Livery in Lincolnshire.

Since 2004 (ish!) Rebekah has been involved with TREC, initially as Le Trec and more recently as TREC GB. She has done a lot of judging over the years, and after a break having children, she bought her first Icelandic primarily for training and competing in TREC. She has re-done her judges training and is now a probationary judge and also hosts regular trec training at Ingleby. Her own interest in TREC has meant that a number of permanent obstacles have been built on the yard (including a footbridge, ditch, steps, slopes, sunken road, water) and these are superb life-proofing and horse agility obstacles as well as trec obstacles. Rebekah can give advice on easily constructed spook-busting obstacles as well as trec obstacles and can combine the use of obstacles and TTEAM groundwork exercises with her knowledge and understanding of horse behaviour and physical limitations to help out with a number of other issues, such as reluctance to open and close gates, loading issues or anxiety with the farrier.