Sandy Carson

Services offered:

Coaching Session £30

15-25 minute video submitted by student. Followed up by 30 minute video or audio call, plus written feedback. Please describe the focus for you and your horse in the box below. (200 words max)


Coaching Session with video demonstration £45

Rider submits a short video of the focus for the session, either themselves or their horse. Sandy then produces a video demonstration with exercises/homework for the student.

Coaching Focus (200 words max)
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(See below for more details about Sandy):

Introducing Sandy
Sandy is a 24-year-old third year student of Hólar University College, Iceland. Enrolled in the course B.Sc. Riding and riding teaching. Upon completion of his studies Sandy will be equivalent to and registered as a FEIF level 3 instructor/trainer.

Sandy has been with Icelandic horses his entire life and has worked all over Europe in Britain, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands & Iceland. He has been in Iceland since January 2016 and began his studies at Hólar in September 2017.

Sandy is an active sports competitor and has competed as a young rider at international level including 3 world championships.

Sandy is an advocate of polite and patient horses that are relaxed and enjoy being riding horses. His goal is a well-balanced, enthusiastic and calm horse with equal ability in all gaits. His work is based on basic principles of riding and classical ideals with a strong focus on the natural behaviours of horses.