SHOW TIME – May 2020

It’s SHOWTIME! With summer quickly approaching, this month’s course is all about getting out and about to shows (sadly virtually this year, BUT WE CAN IMAGINE – WHICH SHOW WOULD YOU BE PREPARING FOR – TELL US!)…

*You could use a trailer for number 1 and 2, but you need to unload backwards, and I need to see the horse inside the trailer.*

  1. Getting there – Build a ‘box’ at least 2.5m long and no more than 0.8m wide. It should have sides and a front, but be open at the back. The sides and front should be no lower than the horse’s back. Ask your horse to walk into the ‘box’ and stand inside for a count of 10.Ask your horse to back out of the box.
  2. Grooming – Pick up one front foot, hold it up for five seconds, then put it down. Pick up one hind foot, hold it up for five seconds, then put it down. Horse should be co-operative and relaxed.
  3. Dressage – ‘Enter the arena at A, and trot/tölt down the centre line to X’. Your horse should be on the centre line and as straight as possible.Halt at X. I will be looking for direct transtions and soft aids. If you are not working in an arena, place two markers 20m apart and trot/tölt between them. The camera must be positioned in front of the horse to allow the judge to assess straightness. (Even if you are unable to trot/run for 20m please do the exercise in walk and try to trot/tölt the last section ready for the next task.
  4. Showjumping – Ask your horse to jump a fence at least 12 inches high. If your horse is unable to jump you may jump the fence yourself!
  5. Gymkhana – Balance an egg on a spoon and carry it through the next obstacle. The egg and spoon must be separate when you pick them up!
  6. Gymkhana – While carrying the egg and spoon weave with your horse along a line of 5 cones or other obstacles.
  7. Eventing – Ask your horse to put his front feet on a podium or step.