Staying Safe

Staying Safe

Those of you who know us personally at Oakfield Farm will know that a couple of years ago Nick had a very serious accident out on a ride.  Thankfully after a couple of months of touch and go he recovered fully and is now fitter than before the accident.  It was truly a life-changing time for us and has led to a lot of positive developments.  Sadly that isn’t true for a lot of people.  At the time we talked about emergency information and yesterday on the Tölt.Club Facebook page.  Cooperative shared a post about a tragedy they had at their yard, reminding people to always ride with their phone.  No one had their phone on them.  Neither of the people actually present at the accident or the farm manager who arrived when they heard the call for help.  All of that was unfortunate, but it happens.  As Terry pointed out though, there was no information easily available for when the emergency services did arrive.  Its true here too and I will be putting that right as soon as possible. So while I am making a poster for us…

Tölt.Club helping keep you safe

We had already ordered external phone pockets as prizes for Tölt.Club competitions which will be available shortly as merchandise as well, we have been donated a large number of very nice purple hi-viz jackets which will also be a giveaway/prizes in the near future when they arrive and today we are giving away A3 laminated safety posters that you can put on your yard walls and in your horseboxes and trailers and write your personal safety information on with an indelible pen.    You can download it yourself:

emergency info

or fill in the form at the bottom of the page if you would like one.  We only ask that you pay postage and we will customise it for the emergency information in your country and  email you with the postage cost depending on where in the world you are.

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