Stepping Stones – Summer Tölt Series

Working in conjunction with TöltOnline for individuals and Mic Rushen (UK oval track judge) for groups. (You can also enter via TöltOnline as an individual and indicate which region/nation/team you wish your scores to count towards when you email your results to Shona).

Running for August, September and October 2019

Your entries are Stepping Stones and marks in any test can be added toward the competition totals and updated on the Scoreboard – like Top Gear! The highest scoring riders in each test and highest scoring group will be announced at the end of the competition period. There will also be an award for the most improved rider.

You have all month to practice – all entries to be submitted by the last day of the month.

  1. Get someone to video you, or better still if you can arrange a few of you to film each other and make it an event.
  2. Submit your entry as normal using TöltOnline, select Summer Tolt Series and enter which Region you are entering from.
  3. Your feedback is sent direct to the email you paid with.
  4. Pass your marks onto Shona at and watch your progress on the monthly scoreboard.

Your marks will also give you a ToL GB Ranking!