Gaited Dressage – Level C Test 2019

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Tölt.Club Gaited Dressage – C-01 [2012]
Arena 20mx40m    Time approx 3.30mins


The purpose of the Gaited Dressage Test Level C is to measure and observe the horse and rider and to demonstrate that the horse moves freely and forward with steady rhythm and an introduction to the start of lateral work. The horse must have a degree of balance and self carriage while accepting the aids and maintaining contact with the bit. The rider applies the principles of Dressage riding. The rider must ride in TROT and TÖLT.

Try and ride in a light steady contact with the exception of free walk  where your horse should be ridden in a long rein with freedom to stretch and lower head. We are looking for regularity in the gaits and impulsion, ease of movement and acceptance of the aids, the rider should have a good position and use of the aids and remember to breathe and a smile will get you extra marks.

Scale of marks is standard UK marking, see table below.  Where not specified continue in the gait you are in to the indicated marker for the next part of the test.

Excellent-10 Fairly Good-7 Insufficient-4 Very Bad-1
Very Good-9 Satisfactory-6 Fairly Bad-3 Not Performed-0
Good-8 Sufficient-5 Bad-2

“A” Accuracy Marks

  Marker Test Guidelines Max Mark
1 A
Enter at working WALK
Halt, Salute
Proceed in  WALK
Straightness down the centre line
Quality of halt & transition
2 C
Between A & F
Track right
Quality of turn
Balance & regularity of gait, bend, transition
3 FB
WALK Half circle left 10m
Balance & regularity of gait, position, fluidity, bend 10
4 X to K
Leg yield right in WALK Quality & consistent tempo, alignment of horse, balance & flow 10
5 Between A & F
Between F & B
Working CANTER, left lead
Willing, calm, balanced transitions, quality of CANTER 10
6 B Circle left 20m in CANTER Quality of CANTER, shape & size of circle, bend 10
7 Between B & M TROT Transitions, Acceptance of aids, balance 10
8 C to H TROT Consistent tempo, balance 10
9 HXF Change the rein Quality of gait, Transition, Rhythm, straightness 10
10 A WALK Willing, balanced, transitions, regularity 10
11 KXM
Medium WALK
Lengthening of frame, tempo, balance, transition, ground cover & reach 10×2
12 C TÖLT Balance & relaxation rhythm & quality of gaits 10
13 At E
Before E
Circle left 20m
Bend, tempo, freedom in stride, tempo balance & size of circle 10
14 A to X WALK down Centre Line Balance & regularity of gait, position, fluidity, bend 10
15 X to H Leg yield left in WALK Quality & consistent tempo, alignment of horse, balance & flow 10×2
16 H to C TROT Willing, calm, balanced transition, quality of CANTER 10
17 C CANTER & Circle right 20m Quality of gait, Transition, Rhythm, bend, shape & size of circle 10
18 Between C & M
M to F
Balance, rhythm, willingness 10
19 Between F & A WALK Transition, acceptance of aids 10
20 KXM
TÖLT Change Rein
Tempo, regularity of the gait, responsiveness to aids, execution of figure 10
21 HXF
Free WALK on a Long Rein
Transition, responsiveness to aids 10×2
22 A
Down the centreline
Halt, salute
Straightness, transitions, immobility at halt 10
    “A” Subtotal 250

“B” – Performance Marks

Gaits – freedom & steadiness 10X2
Impulsion- willingness to step forward, suppleness of back & steps 10X2
Submission – Lightness & ease of movements, acceptance of the bit, attention & confidence 10X2
Rider’s position & seat, effectiveness of aids, correctness 10X2
“B” Subtotal 80

Total Marks [A+B Total – Errors]  this is given as a percentage of available marks.

Errors are deducted on a fixed scale up to a maximum deduction:
1st error – 2 Pts, 2nd error – 4 Pts, 3rd error – 8 Pts, 4th error ELIMINATION

This test has been compiled under FEIF rules. 
Published by Tölt.Club. All rights reserved. No part of this test to be reproduced without permission