Tölt.Club Rules

Please Be Safe at all times
All our coaches all have private coaching insurance. When taking part in competition, filming or practice you are riding at your own risk, Tölt.Club takes no responsibility for any injury to horse or rider whilst recording a video entry. Appropriate riding attire and protective helmet MUST be worn.  Any videos submitted with inappropriate attire will not be judged and the entry fee will not be refunded.

If you have special requirements which mean you cannot comply with the rules as stated, please email Tölt.Club explaining what facilities/equipment you need to use to allow you to join in Tölt.Club’s activities and we will liaise with the judges/coaches anonymously on your behalf in the first instance to ensure that if it is possible you are able to join in.

By paying a fee for coaching or competition services administered by Tölt.Club you are agreeing to be bound by our rules and accept the terms and conditions set out on this page.

Competition Entries 

  • Tölt.Club reserves the right to refuse entries.  If refused entry fees will be refunded.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable apart from the above exception.
  • The closing date for each competition is 23:59hrs on the last day of the month. After this time entries and videos cannot be received and no refunds will be made.   Competitions are changed each month so it is not possible to carry entries over from one month to the next.  You may enter as many competitions and as many times as you like in one month.  All scores will be recorded in the International Gaited League Leader Board unless you ask us not to publicise them.
  • Youth riders must provide an email from their parent/guardian giving permission to use Tolt.Club services.

Competition Entry Restrictions

  • Horse and rider combinations may not enter a class more than one level below their previous highest entry in any competition class.  Once you score over 70% at one level you will automatically be entered in the next level when you next enter.  You can return to the lower class up to a maximum of four times.

 Filming  (See separate filming page for more details)

  • Videos remain the property of the person submitting them.  Tölt.Club and individual coaches may seek written permission to use exceptional videos for training or publicity purposes.  There is no obligation on members to grant this permission.
  • Videos should be uploaded to a suitable platform (we recommend youtube)  We advise you to set your videos  to unlisted (no one can see a private video).  Email us the link with your entry and your fee, you must ensure you fill in your details in the description part of the form.
  • Tölt.Club will not be liable for any costs incurred as a result of infringement of copyright laws by any competitor or student. Copyright laws relevant to your own country must be adhered to when submitting any video footage or photographs or printed material, this is particularly important when relating to music you may have playing in the background.
  • Any suitable flat piece of land may be used to film entries.  It must be marked and measured correctly. You may use home made boundary and letter markers. A useful guide: https://www.localriding.com/diy-dressage-arena-layout.html.  We advise a standard 20m x 40m arena setup for most competitons but if your arena is not this size, do the best you can, mention it in the comments or email and the judges will take this into account.
  • The video must be taken behind the C marker for dressage competitions, in the centre for gait competitions and where the coach advises for coaching sessions. The camera or phone set in landscape  or widescreen and zooming in at the A end of the arena.
  • Video should keep the rider in the centre of the screen as much as possible.
  • The video must have sound – you may have a caller for the test but you may not have training help and there should be no cuts or editing.
  • Your video must start a few seconds before the rider enters at A and a few seconds after the rider salutes at the end.
  • The person videoing your test  or the rider MUST introduce you, the horse  AND the month before you start your test.
  • Breathe, Smile again and again and remember to have fun!

Turnout and Tack

  • Show attire is not required, but appropriate riding clothes must be worn.
  • Riding hats must be worn. BSI Standard hats or other such protective headwear is strongly advised and compulsory for those under 18 years of age. Suitable footwear enclosing the whole foot must be worn.
  • Bridles: For all our tests an ordinary snaffle bridle should be worn.  You may choose to ride bitless if this is normal for you. Suitable nosebands should be worn, (drop cavesson, grackle or flash) but you may choose not to use a noseband if this is normal for you.  Pressure headcoallars may not be used.
  • British Dressage permitted bits are advised unless you have special requirements – see above, in which case judges will make a case by case decision and their decision is final.  If in doubt, please email before entering. (click link for pictorial guide)
  • Martingales, running , side or elasticised reins may not be used in any test
  • Neck straps or balancing straps (a loop on the front of the saddle) may be used at all levels. Cruppers are also permitted.
  • Boots or bandages and barefoot horses are permitted
  • No Spurs but a whip may be carried.

Judges and Results:

  • Judges decisions are final. No communication or discussion will be entered into by Tölt.Club, any of its representatives or the judge involved. Any objection or appeal regarding a score must be made by email within 24 hours of the test being judged.
  • Very rarely mistakes may be made with calculating percentages, please ensure we are notified by email within 24 hours of receipt of your scores and we will endeavour to rectify any errors.
  • If we have an equal result, both competitors will achieve the same placing .


  • We hope  Tölt.Club will be a pleasant and fun learning experience for everyone. Feedback deadlines are published and agreed with coaches and judges and fees are not released to them until feedback is delivered.  Fees will be refunded to an agreed schedule if feedback is late without agreement.  If you do have any complaints please fill in a complaints form (see below)

    and the administrators will contact you as soon as possible to try and resolve your complaint.