TREC July Gait Challenge

This month we are going to focus on the walk.

Many of our Icelandics have tremendous walks so there is the opportunity to collect lots of marks here! In a trec competition, there will be a corridor marked out of somewhere between 100 and 150m in length.

Sometimes there are flower arrangements or trees along it (like the markers in a posh dressage arena!), sometimes the corridor itself is spooky or may be on a slight incline, or it may be perfectly inviting and straightforward! In trec, the faster the walk, the more points you get.

You get zero if you leave the marked corridor or if you break gait (halting or breaking into trot / tölt / canter.) So it is better to go a little slower and make sure you stay in walk than to push on too much and get nothing!

For this challenge, identify an area you can safely walk for 100m. This can be around the edge of an arena, along a field margin, or along a very quiet road (as long as you are sure you’re safe!) Mark out the start and end

  • Standard oval tracks are 250m so when you are asked to show one side of walk you are walking 100m.
  • In a normal 20x40m arena two long sides and one short will add up to 100m.)

When I judge it, I will time you from the start to finish marker and then use the conversion chart (pro rata) to give you your points. I will assume you stay in your corridor unless there’s an obvious massive sideways teleport! When marking out your distance, it may be helpful to use the following app – I use it for measuring distances when fencing and find it very accurate.