Wild August – Boldness Challenge

Tölt Club Boldness Challenge – August 2019

Go WILD with this month’s course. Go exploring and see what you can find out on your travels to use in this course. You may film the separate elements separately and edit them together to make your final video.

  1. Find FIVE things to weave around, and weave around them in walk. You could use rocks, trees, plants, bollards, bins, etc…
  2. JUMP over something. The jump can be as big or small as you like, but it needs to be a jump rather than a step.
  3. Play in some MUD or WATER. Go for a splash and get yourselves wet!
  4. Find something low down which you and your horse can duck UNDER. It could be a branch, sign, washing line, or anything else suitable. Be careful and remember to duck!
  5. Find a NARROW GAP to squeeze through. It could be a gap between trees, bins, fence posts, etc.
  6. Find a wide open space and tölt/pace/canter across it for at least 5 seconds.
  7. Approach a ROAD junction, wait at least ten seconds, then continue.