Young Horse Training

Tölt Club coaches Judith Edel and Mary Concannon have devised a series of Young Horse Training Challenges to help you teach your young horse the skills he will need to enjoy his life with humans and build the best foundation for your future together. There is so much that young horses have to learn, from being lead to accepting injections, taking wormers to having their feet trimmed. These basic tasks can be quite scary for horses (as well as daunting for their human partners).

More training categories will be added soon, so please let us know at if there is anything specific you would like us to cover in future challenges.

Daily Care Catching your horse, Putting on a Headcollar, Walk on! (leading your horse), Grooming, Foot Handling, Putting on a Rug, Fly Spray, Backing Up, Moving the Shoulders, Moving the Hindquarters, Move Over!  
Live challenges are highlighted in blue
Preparing for Healthcare Injections, Wormers and Sedatives. Hosing and Bathing, Foot Soaking, Clipping, Be Prepared – Legs  
Live challenges are highlighted in blue

Our Young Horse Training Challenges are designed to make horse training simple and straightforward. By breaking each task down into small chunks you can help your young horse learn the skills he will need in a manner which is easy, clear and simple for him to accomplish, and in doing so you will be building a strong partnership with your horse.

There’s no time limit with the challenges, so you can work through them as quickly or as slowly as you and your horse like. You can also choose whether you just want to do the challenges yourself or send a video for assessment, and your coaches are available to help and support you if you get stuck.

These challenges are not just useful for young horses – they are equally helpful if you are getting to know a new adult horse, or for young handlers who are learning about horse training for the first time.

These challenges are life skills for your horse.  When they are taught well they give your horse a huge advantage in the human world.  In addition, your foot trimmer/farrier, vet and other equine professionals will love your calm, well mannered horse and thank you for your work.

The first areas addressed by the training challenges are Daily Care and Preparing for Healthcare.