Welcome Aboard

Take part wherever you live in the world .

Take part whatever level you are riding at

Take part whether you ride in an arena or the corner of a field

Tolt Club is a monthly on-line competition for Icelandics with tests at 4 levels, Starter Class,  A, B- Intermediate and C Advanced .  The tests are designed specifically for gaited horses .

The sky is your limit

Hi there fellow Icelandic enthusiast we welcome everyone, we are here for those aspiring to compete seriously and need training structure and regular feedback to those looking to improve their own scores and those who like to have some fun .

We have tests for every level and don’t worry if you struggle with gaits, your prefers to tolt or trot the tests are designed to encourage not fail , so regardless show what us what you and your Icelandic have our judges are here to support our riders.

We have been doing this for quite a few years now and our tests are well tried , we add a few new ones each year.

***We have also added a new class of pairs and look forward to seeing some duos give it a go***

Easy Peasy

1.Choose your test

2. video and save to youtube , please remember to add the test , date and your name to your video title on youtube

3. submit using the entry form

4 receive feedback and a score from a qualified judge via email .

5. Rosettes and prizes awarded at the end of each series.