Welcome to Tölt.Club, a gateway to online coaching, competition and a community specifically designed for you and your friends with gaited horses.  Choose your coach or competition, pay your fee, video yourself and upload to you tube.  Send us your link and we will do the rest. The three line icon at the top right is a widget/and or menu toolbar (depending on the device you are using) so if you want to access your account, translate the site to a different language or have a quick look at which competition is nearing its deadline, please click on it and again to close it.

Coaching: Your chosen coach will review your video and provide feedback emailed to you within an agreed timescale.
Classical Dressage: Diana Waters, Australia
Gaited Dressage: Eva Nohe, Germany
Gait Training: Mic Rushen, UK,  Sandy Carson, Iceland/UK
Horse Agility: Mary Concannon, UK Judith Edel, UK
TREC GB: Rebekah Spowage, UK

Individual Competitions:
Gaited Dressage Monthly Challenge – Intro A, B & C level tests.
Stepping Stones Monthly Gaited Challenge – Beginner,  Intermediate & Sport tests.
Horse Agility/Boldness Challenge – Every month a new series of obstacles will be chosen to help you build confidence in and with your horse. Ridden, Liberty or in-hand.

Team Competitons:
Team Five Gait Relay  Get together with your local friends and form a team of three to five people, practice and decide who will gain best marks for each gait.  Each team member can ride a maximum of 2 gaits.  Team Signup Page

Lu Crawford of Halfkey Icelandic Horses in the UK runs a free, fun monthly challenge which she has invited Tölt.Club participants to join.  Lu’s challenges range from fancy dress to feats of riding prowess and are suitable for all ages.  Enter Here.

Judges are experienced horse riders in each discipline, drawn from all areas of the gaited horse world. Videos will be marked and scores uploaded to the International Gaited League Leaderboard as they are processed.  Rosettes for winner and runner up will be awarded each month plus a rosette for the most improved rider and horse pairing in each competition.  See individual competitions for entry fees and detailed instructions.

Community:    Our clubhouse is filled with free resources to help you train where you are and when you can.  We encourage you to contribute, comment and take part in a world wide community of gaited horse riders on social media and in discussions, see how your friends are progressing and what the rest of the world is doing with their gaited horses.