Gaited Dressage Tests Library

Here you will find copies of all tolt club’s gaited dressage tests for free.

These are free to download and use as part of your training or for fun , they are designed for partnerships at all levels and you can opt to try any level . If you wish to enter your test fir feedback and scoring and consistently score over 70% at one level then after 3 times you must move up a level in fairness to everyone taking part.

You can practice on the beach, in your own paddock or in a school or even while you are out for a hack !

Like traditional dressage the levels do require more from the horse and rider and C tests are fairly advanced and have been designed to combine elements of the oval track with the dressage arena .

An introduction to gaited dressage or great warm ups.

Tolt Club Intro 1. – 2020 – 03 3Tolt Club Intro 2 – 2020 – 03Tolt Club Intro 3 – 2020 – 03


A level –  gives the rider the choice to ride in trot or tolt , the focus here is on feeling relaxed in the saddle , transitions and working together .

A-01 – 2020 – 03A-02 – 2020 – 03A-03 – 2020 – 03A-04 – 2020 – 03A-05 – 2020 – 03A-06 – 2020 – 03

B level – at this level the rider is asked to show tolt and trot, however if you horse does not offer both gaits feel free to ride the test anyway there will only be a small deduction in points . Here we are looking at transitions, the horse and rider working together, accuracy in riding the test.

B-01 – 2020 – 03B-02 – 2020 – 03B-03 – 2020 – 03B-04 – 2020 – 03B-06 – 2020 – 03

C level – at this level we are looked for canter work as well as the other gaits , the tests are designed to offer a higher level of schoolwork and the incorporation of some oval track transitions, these tests can be entered as often as the rider wishes regardless of the score .

C-01 – 2020 – 03C-02 – 2020 – 03C-03 – 2020 – 03