Tolt Club house rules

First and foremost this is fun, for you and your horse !
ToltClub supports the FEIF – International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations drive for good and harmonious riding

The tests are based on dressage tests adapted to suit the Icelandic and support an ongoing training program whether for leisure or competition.


Training methods Horses must only undergo training that matches their physical capabilities and level of maturity for their respective disciplines. They must not be subjected to methods which are abusive or cause fear.

Misuse of aids Abuse of a Horse using natural riding aids or artificial aids (e.g. whips, spurs, etc.) will not be tolerated.

​ Foot care and shoeing must be of a high standard. 


Tack must be designed and fitted to avoid the risk of pain or injury.​

Saddles In principle any sort of saddle or saddle pad, which is suitable for the Icelandic horse, is allowed. Permissible equipment also includes saddle cloths, front girths, cruppers and saddle supports.

Only reins that go directly from the rider’s hands to the correct attachment point on the bit or bit-less bridle are allowed. 

Bits and bridles Equipment not allowed is listed on the FEIF website under “Prohibited equipment/Sport”.


The whip must not be longer than 120 cm including the tassel. 

Protective equipment It is not allowed to put more weight to the limbs than required for protection.  During the test  protective equipment above the sole of the hoof, not exceeding 250 g per leg, is allowed. 

Protective WearRiders should wear a riding hat of the most current standard
British & European
PAS 015*
VG1 01.040 2014-12 *
*with BSI Kitemark or Inspec IC Mark
ASTM F1163: 2004a onwards with SEI mark
Snell 2001 or 2016 (No other mark is needed with Snell)
Australia & New Zealand
AS/NZS 3838 2003 onwards with SAI Global mark


Arena, riding hall or marked off area must be 20 x 40 m or 20 x 60 m,  the marks
​A, F, B, M, C, H, E and K can be used on the outside of the track. 

We understand not everyone has access to a riding arena just make sure you have measured out your riding area .


ToltClub reserves the right to publish your test on the website, unless you make a specific request for us not to do so. 

Films of poor quality will not be judged a refund will be made at the discretion of the administrators.

We look forward to seeing your tests.