Gæðingafimi – Icelandic Dressage

Gæðingafimi is an Icelandic dressage test orginating from Iceland Dressage exercises are a part of correct training whether its on the oval track or in any other equine sport. Dressage or schooling excercises contribute to your Icelandic supple movement and gaits.

The Gæðingafimi is still fairly new and we woud love to see some of our riders give it a go . Riders design the test yourself , you decide which excercises you want to show , in what order, the gaits and music are chosen by you . We want to see you dancing with your Icelandic!

We are offering 3 levels :

Level 1 , you can ride either trot or tolt


Level 2 ,  you should show both trot and tolt , marks awarded for an attempt at a gait .


Level 3  , you must show Trot, tolt and canter , marks awarded for an attempt at a gait


The videos below showcase professional riders to inspire you but your test can be as simple as you want but its a great opportunity to show off what you and your Icelandic can do .